About us

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The goal of the Family & Friend’s Project (F&FP) is to help provide opportunities for improved education, welfare, and health for handicapped and disadvantaged children in Nepal, and to promote cross-cultural understanding and raise awareness of certain issues facing people in the developing world.


Help level the playing field of opportunity.


Description / Overview of activities

F&FP is a Non-Profit Organisation, based in Japan, but with international support, and working in cooperation with Volunteer Service and Support Nepal (VSSN) and other organisations to:

  1. provide educational sponsorships for underprivileged children;
  2. cover the costs for supplementary nutrition, supervision, and certain medical care and running costs for handicapped and orphaned children;
  3. provide cross-cultural, volunteer-study experiences in Nepal.
  4. promote reading development and find other ways to support improved health, education, and welfare for disadvantages children and/or adults in Nepal.



March 2011 – First volunteer visit to Nepal, the monastery Beshisahar, schools, and children’s homes. First sponsorship at Bal Ankur Secondary School

*Obtained official recognition as a Non-Profit Organization from the Japanese Government October 18, 2013.