Our history is short but filled with energy, enthusiasm, and growth.  We are devoted to our mission but only through sustainable means.

 March 2011

Family & Friends Project began as a desire to help children by the current histryChairperson, Randall Bollig. During the first volunteer visit to Nepal, FFP began support for a children’s home, and organized a school sponsorship for one child.  By the end of 2011 FFP organized school sponsorship’s for a total of 11 children.





Sponsorships 1

FFP expanded education sponsorships to 20 children, increased support for 8 handicapped and orphaned children at a second children’s home, and recruited other volunteers from Japan to help.

Established relationships with specific Nepali NGOs to purchase handicrafts from their workshops with the goal of helping to raise more funds.




  • FFP expanded education sponsorships to 47 and continued support for children’s homes.
  • Held our first annual study tours where university students from Japan came to Nepal to volunteer and also engage in cultural study.
  • Took steps to establish a reading program
  • FFP obtained official recognition as a Non-Profit Organization from the Japanese Government October 18, 2013.



H2O from well

  • Expanded  education sponsorships to 60 children, maintained support for children’s homes with additional support for the construction of a clean water well and development of a self-sustaining garden to ensure access to nutrtious food for the children’s orphanage
  • 2nd Annual study tour
  • Established an Extensive Reading Program in 3 schools and helped set-up libraries




Teacher 4

  • Maintained sponsorships at 60 and added support for 4 new children at Thecho Children’s Home.
  • 3rd annual study tour
  • Continued developing the Extensive Reading program, increased the number of books in schools, and supported the construction of an Eco-friendly bottle reading room for school and community use.
  • Held our first annual teacher development workshops, inaugurating the bottle house, and took steps to establish an on-gong relationship of teacher development between Japan and Nepal, through Nepal English Language Teachers Association and the Japan Association of Language Teachers – Teachers Helping Teachers group.
  • Set-up bringbooks.org website to help get more suitable English children’s books to needy Nepali schools.

Earthquake Relief and Recovery – A devastating series of earthquakes and aftershocks have caused considerable misery and devastation to an already poverty stricken country.  However, the spirit of the Nepali people remains resilant and strong.  FFP is currently working to provide relief and recovery to those partners with which it has established relationships, helping to organize funding to help rebuild 3 schools damaged in the earthquake.

Future plans:

  • Expand sponsorships and support for children’s homes
  • Continue to hold our annual study tours
  • Continue to develop the Extensive Reading program and support the building of libraries in the schools we work with
  • More firmly establish our relationship with NELTA-JALT-THT to hold annual workshops for teacher development, and to include a specific component for teachers of Young Learners.