Support us

We raise funds mainly through direct appeal. Other fund-raising activities include fund-raising dinners, the sale of handicraft items, specific campaigns, and use of donation boxes.

Ways to help:

1. Sponsor a child – basic education and materials fees and 2 school uniforms

2. Support a children’s home – nutrition program, self-sustaining activities, staff support, overall development and maintenance.

3. Join us on a study tour – promote cross-cultural understanding and raise awareness

4. Reading Program

♦ make a general donation for the purchase of books, reading materials, and development of facilities

♦ take English children’s books with you when you travel to Nepal
*see for specific details.

5. Teacher Development
Come to Nepal and join our workshops as a presenter and participant
Make a financial contribution to our Teacher Development Fund to:

♦ help pay the transportation costs and/or registration fees for Nepali teachers to attend workshops and conferences

♦ help pay the cost for making low-budget, but good quality materials for the classrooms and/or teacher’s reference books

♦ help pay at least part of the costs for selected teachers to travel to/from Nepal to attend longer training sessions

♦ sign-up to help Nepali teacher’s develop programs and activities, work on research paper’s, write grant proposals, etc. via social media

♦ sign-up to help develop/make simple classroom materials to be carried/sent to schools in Nepal

6. Hold a fundraising activity yourself

7. Spread the word about any of the above or the F&FP in general